The Zen Story

Zen Asian Fusion started from one man’s dream to work in America, giving customers a taste of the variety of dishes the Asian culture has to offer. Rong Zhou, who customers continue to see on a daily basis, is still working hard to continue this dream. Zhou and his wife raised two children in Fuzhou, China, but always wanted more for them. He left his family in search of a better life for them in 1989, not knowing what the future held.


His first stop, on his path to America, was Japan, where he gained experience and knowledge at a sushi restaurant, developing the concept of Zen Asian Fusion. After three years, he was ready to take his skills to New York, where he owned and worked in multiple Asian restaurants until 2009. Through his successes, he was able to bring his family over from China to join him in the land of opportunities. They moved to Charleston and opened Zhou’s dream of a family owned and run restaurant in 2010.


Since then, Zen has been providing the highest quality seafood and fresh ingredients coupled with a superb atmosphere, producing the Zen experience. Zen is not only a meal, but art that can be experienced by all five senses. From the inside décor, the wait staff, and the cuisine, the restaurant allows for total customer immersion. The Zhou family prides itself on customer service, knowing each customer deserves a unique experience. Zhou continues his quest for perfection within his culinary skills and expects nothing less from his staff. From this, Zen has been honored to serve guests during their most spirited and joyous times including; graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and life experiences in between.


Thanks in large part to a growing family of loyal guests, Zen continues to grow as a restaurant, living out Zhou’s dream. The Zhou family appreciates long time customers since the opening of the restaurant. Their genuine love for the guests and beautiful Charleston itself keeps Zen within the heart of the Lowcountry. They hope to create more exquisite dishes and taste offerings, bringing families together at the table. Rong Zhou’s dream remains the same with three main ingredients - quality, dedication and the love of food.